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Geometric Programming /// Hacking my own conscience

The evolution of my current work is centered on the exploration of Geometry and the observation of this territory through "symbolic experiences" as a focus of meditation and expansion of consciousness.


The result of this experience is an immersive narration within the mind; the geometric representation of my own hacked Source Code. Complex information encrypted within symbols which, as digital files, need software to be compressed or decompressed.


I feel the need to flow with geometry and express myself with medias and aesthetics that favor this course. Little by little I have been introducing geometric elements in my work that overlap the figure. They are like pieces of a puzzle that take on a profound meaning when they are reinterpreted transcending ordinary reality.


I use content related to mental archetypes, myth, metaphysics, modified states of consciousness, shamanism or philosophy. During the process, I handle an infinity of dissimilar graphic resources; geometry, anthropomorphic characters, figurative elements and textual messages that altogether shape the scenarios illuminated by unconscious, grotesque, psychedelia, magic ...


I experiment with different qualities, techniques and aesthetics, proposing the technical execution of my work from unorthodox and eclectic points of view. I use supports of different materials, wood, metal, recovered used items, ancient objets, old papers ... The application of gold leaf is one of the main artistic resources in traditional sacred art and in this case it tries to reaffirm the intention of transcendence.

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